About Viva

Architecture in glass

Viva has been designing, manufacturing and installing bifoldingdoors, sliding doors, roof lights, windows and bespoke glass and aluminium structures, that are both beautiful and functional, for over 50 years. On top of that we have a rich heritage and vast experience working with glass buildings of all kinds. The first of our structures, built under the brand name Clearspan, still stands in perfect working order today and our ten year guarantee ensures yours will stand the test of time too.

Architecture in glass combines the pure strength of aluminium with the transparency of glass to open up whole areas of your home and let light flood your life. Glass admits light in abundance, whilst aluminium provides structural strength, durability, design flexibility and is endlessly recyclable – making our structures weather resistant, low maintenance and thermally efficient.

Limitless Possibility

All Viva products are bespoke – we manufacture products to suit your requirements. Our modern glass solutions offer you the chance to create a new space in your home which is truly your own. When we say bespoke, we mean it with your needs and desires taken into account at every stage, before our expert engineers custom manufacture your chosen design.

Quality As Standard

We use only the highest quality materials when manufacturing all of our glass and aluminium structures and take pride in the time-honoured engineering skills we still insist upon today. You can see us putting these into action with a trip to our factory – we’re always happy to welcome visitors.