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Bi-Folding Doors

Blinds for Bi-Folds

When it comes to shading for glazed doors there are several options available. Your final choice will depend on the door configuration. For example opening in bi-folding doors could snag on curtains or blinds. In this regard consideration should be given to the type of shading you might want prior to choosing your door configuration.

In most instances bi-fold doors are better opening outward into the garden and in this regard they should not impact on your choice of blinds or curtains. The following guide should help you in finding the perfect blind for your new doors.

Roller blinds

Perhaps the simplest and the best way to shade bi-folding doors is using roller blinds. The clean, modern lines compliment the doors and the choice of colours and fabrics available can be tailored to match in with your decor. Silent Gliss, a brand leader, is sold through John Lewis who offer a made to measure service so this is a good place to start. Whilst they offer a measure and fit service you might be better placed to call in store to discuss the best options and look through the the different styles, colours and textures available. In every instance if you are ordering your doors from Viva we will provide a drawing of these upon receipt of your deposit. You can take this drawing with you to any blind shop to help both you and the advisor understand the set up and work out a cost. Choose between manually or electrically operated blinds.

Electrically operated roller blinds

With a little research on google you will find there are two main types of electrically operated blinds : battery operated and those that will require wiring up to the mains. Both are usually operated by remote control. There are arguments in favour of either type and ultimately your choice will come down to personal preference and cost. In most instances the blinds can be synced to open and close at the push of a button.

Blinds for Sliding Doors

For sliding doors consider panel glide blinds which are essentially sliding panels of modern fabric suspended from a track attached to the ceiling. Like the roller blinds these can be operated by hand or electrically. They can be stacked in the same manner as your choice of doors.

Choose from a huge array of colours and fabrics to match your interior at John Lewis. The latest track system is curved which allows the panels to stack around a corner – leaving your view unobstructed. Available from John Lewis here.

Integral blinds

In most instances on bi-folding doors it is possible to have integral blinds. A venetian blind is essentially sandwiched between the glazing of the doors. This is a neat solution is offered in three popular colours – white, silver and light grey. The blinds are manually operated using a pull cord to raise and lower the venetian blind as well as offering the facility to tilt the leaves. The manual system will cost in the order of £300 per panel so a three door set will add approximately £900 (inc vat) to the cost of the doors.There is an option of electrically operating these but the cost is eye watering. In most instances we find our customers come back to electrically operated roller blinds which offer so much more choice to match in with the interior and decor.

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Folding Door Hinges

There are four extra strong aluminium black hinges affixed to each door with stainless steel screws ensuring that the doors do not sag and that when to be opened or closed only the lightest touch is needed.

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Safe & Secure

Not only is our lock of the highest specification and if forced are fail safe, they are also suited to allow a single key to open any door. On intermediate doors shoot bolts operated by the flush handles disable any attempt to lift the doors off the track whilst the master door has a 5 point locking system comprising of a combination of mortice, hook and mushroom locks for complete peace of mind.

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The tracks are slim sections, each with a thermal break designed to keep your home snug. They are only 20mm deep but they have an added upstand of 30mm that keeps out driven rain and prevents water damage to your internal floors.

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Stylish Handles

These slim and elegant modern handles and lock plates which are provided both inside and outside the master door, these are in satin black as standard but are also available in satin white or chrome upon request. The cylinder locks are suited for greater convenience.

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Fold-flat D Handle

An inconspicuous black handle located which folds back against the frame assists with opening and closing the doors.

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Engineered runner (bottom)

The runner at the base which carries the downward loading of the doors is engineered with stainless steel wheels to operate smoothly against the steel base rail insert ensuring long life and security.

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Engineered runner (top)

The engineered runner at the head of the doors ensures that the doors are also smooth running and also adds to the security preventing the doors from being lifted from their frames.

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Fresh air ventilation

In modern air tight homes we are required to offer trickle ventilation to all our doors. These vents may be closed to keep out the very worst of the weather but normally allow fresh air into your home in a controlled manner, helping to keep you healthy.

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Slim sight lines

Designed to reach the highest thermal standards the door frames are not only strong and super functional but also slim and elegant. Where your doors meet the two frames together with the hinge mounts and gasketry designed to keep out inclement weather are a total of 131mm wide and amongst the slimmest on the market.

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Flat handles

Flat handles located on the inside face of the folding doors operate shoot bolts into the top rail and bottom runner for extra security.

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Double glazing - top specification

Our standard but highly specified glazed units are filled with argon gas to prevent condensation and keep out the cold. Each Low-e unit has a warm edge spacer for added insulation and is toughened safety glass as standard. If you require a specialized type of glass we are here to help and recommend.

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