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Open Plan In The Home

During the course of the last decade open plan living has been growing in popularity. One in five British homeowners have now removed a dividing wall within their home to let the light flood in. If you've been considering the switch, read on. The...

15th August 2019

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Skylight Star Gazing

Current weather notwithstanding, we’ve had some beautifully clear skies lately!  We're set for plenty more of them before summer is out so now is a great time for a spot of star gazing. Got a skylight? Then you're all set. At Viva, we prefer to...

9th August 2019

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10 Ways To Enjoy Your Orangery

Summer has officially landed here in the UK - and it's hotter than ever. Our products all compliment summer brilliantly and our modular orangeries make great places to spend the season. However you're looking to enjoy your summer, your orangery i...

1st August 2019

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Bi-Folding Doors: A Breath Of Fresh Air

It's officially a heat wave. Temperatures have risen to humid heights, which is around the average stickiness rating of Singapore! Breaking open the bi-folding doors sounds like heaven...if you're lucky enough to own a set. You feel languid, the h...

25th July 2019

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Glazed Doors: What Are Your Options?

It goes without saying that at Viva we're big fans of glazed doors. We love the influx of natural light and the connection to the natural world they can offer. There's more than one type of glass door, though, and they all offer something differen...

18th July 2019

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Build Yourself An Orangery

As the name suggests, our modular orangeries can be configured in many ways.That way, your new extension is just right for you and your intended use. By building your very own orangery, you'll cut costs as well as getting exactly what you want eve...

11th July 2019

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Home Improvement Season: Glazed Doors

Summer in the UK means many things. Sunshine days spent stationed at the BBQ, trips to the seaside and days out with the family. Summer here, though, also tends to bring with it the home improvement bug. As we step out into our gardens once mor...

4th July 2019

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Bring Out The Best In Your Dining Room

Food often brings families together. In dining rooms across the country, families come together to enjoy good grub and time spent with each other. Your dining room then, should be a space that inspires. A place to enjoy relaxing and spending time ...

27th June 2019

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Bi-Folding Doors vs Sliding Doors

Here at Viva, we try not to play favourites. We design, manufacture and install modern doors of all kinds (as well as skylights and windows) and we love them all equally. It's not always easy for our customers to decide between our two modern opti...

20th June 2019

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Skylights: A Very Bright Idea

Roof lights, lanterns, or skylights as we call them here at Viva are an underrated marvel. They are a great way of letting light flood into the home with minimal impact on your life. You'll get instantly improved light quality at home, a cool new ...

13th June 2019

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When The Bi-folding Doors Beckon

At Viva embracing the outdoors is what we do, but that's not to say there aren't some aspects of nature we'd rather stayed out of our homes. Bi-folding doors merge indoors and out so well though, that you don't always get to decide what comes in. ...

6th June 2019

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Modern Modular Orangeries

The orangery is a very traditional structure here in the UK. It boasts a rich history as a statement of wealth and class all the way back to aristocratic Britain. Our modular orangeries being a product of this history, we thought we'd take a littl...

30th May 2019

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Bi-Folding Doors Are Summer Must Haves

Summer must have lists are popping up everywhere. With a little taste of sunshine, we're all looking forward to more and making sure we're well prepared. Holiday count downs are on, summer activities lined up and the bi-folding doors should be thr...

23rd May 2019

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The Sky Light: A Small Change for Big Impact

At Viva, one of our favourite products to create is the humble sky light,  sometimes called a roof lantern or roof light. They can work wonders on the amount of natural lighting entering your home. The sky light may be a small change in comparison...

16th May 2019

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Home Security with Bi-folding Doors

There's nothing worse than returning home, ready to relax, to find that your door hasn't done its job. A house that's been ransacked isn't a place anyone can relax. When it comes to your home, keeping it protected is high priority. Which is why ho...

9th May 2019

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Sliding Doors: Make Your Summer Shine

Despite the unpredictable weather of late, we've had enough sunshine to make minds turn to summer. When it comes to summer, sliding doors are never far from our thoughts here at Viva. So, today we thought we'd tell you a little bit about how a new...

2nd May 2019

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Capture The Season

There are few things quite like the first few weeks of summer! Now's the time to really capture the season. As the weather begins to warm, nature comes into it's own. So, how can we capture the season in our homes? Summer is the best time to enjo...

25th April 2019

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Preparing Your Home For Bi-Folding Doors

If ever there was a perfect time to let the outside, in, spring is it! The first few weeks of spring, therefore, make the ideal time to start planning for your new bi-folding doors. Bi-folding doors are a great way to break down boundaries betwee...

18th April 2019

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5 Ways To Enjoy Your Modular Orangery For Spring & Summer

Spring has sprung and summer is surely around the corner! Making now the perfect time to start making the most of your modular orangery, or thinking about designing one. We've highlighted five ways you can do just that this spring and summer. Whe...

11th April 2019

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House Plants For A Healthy Home

A healthy home is a happy home, right? So it's worth doing everything you can to make the environment in your home a healthy one. We know that natural light is good for the soul...amongst other things. It staves off seasonal depression and helps o...

4th April 2019

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A Work Out That Works For You

Oh sunshine! What conflicted thoughts you bring! We love you for your warmth, brightness and the huge boost in well-being you bring...but we're also not quite ready to rock our summer wardrobes. Could a garden gym be the solution? Now's the t...

28th March 2019

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Lighten Up At Home

We bang on about the benefits of natural light a lot here, but that's because it's such an important aspect of overall health. Natural light is an extremely important part of our day to day lives. Brightening not just our homes, but our minds as ...

21st March 2019

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Sky Light; Sky Bright

The skylight is a wonderfully simple way to change a multitude of things within your home. Natural light levels, the way you use the space, the aesthetics of both interior and exterior. Even the well being of you and your family! So, let’s take a...

15th March 2019

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Spring Home Improvements

Spring is in the air, and with spring comes ideas of home improvement and making your living spaces shine. So, we thought we’d put together some of springs hottest home interior trends. So sit back and take a look at our range of awesome summer t...

28th February 2019

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Are You Getting Enough Natural Light?

Natural light; like water and oxygen, is something most of us fail to notice...until our share is limited, despite being fundamental to the needs of us all. You might not understand why we need natural light, but most of us would agree that gloomy...

21st February 2019

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Growing Under Glass

If we’ve learnt anything from the Victorian’s it’s that like Holmes and Watson, and strawberries and cream, glass and gardening go together. And we needn’t, necessarily, be talking about greenhouses. From the ostentatious orangeries of country man...

14th February 2019

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Rose Tinted Glazing

Feeling romantic? You should be! After all, it's the time of year when we all get a little love struck. You might roll your eyes and curse the card companies but at Viva  we think Valentine’s Day is well worth celebrating. After all, there’s no pl...

7th February 2019

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Bi-folding Doors Now!

Bi-folding doors have been big in interior design and architecture for a while now. Clearly, they're here to stay and no is a great time to start considering a set for yourself. Here are a few reasons why you should buy your bi-folding doors now:...

31st January 2019

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Interior Design & Glazing

One of the key tenets of successful home interior design is working with the features you’ve got.  While your house shouldn’t necessarily dictate how you use it, its architectural features, aspect and dimensions can give you a clue as to what migh...

24th January 2019

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Whats In A Window?

Ever increasing standards in the  industry means aluminium windows are stronger, slimmer and more energy efficient than ever before. Viva is one company leading the way! Our windows are stylishly framed using slim aluminium site-lines and have th...

17th January 2019

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A Whole New Home!

New Year’s resolutions seem like such a good idea. Until it comes time to stick to them. Then giving up chocolate, taking up running or losing two stone becomes...well, a little less important. So this year, we’re settling on a new solution – we’v...

10th January 2019

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A Little Christmas Sparkle

Christmas is a time for sharing, and now that it’s December we’re not afraid to say it! We want to see all of your homes lit up for the festive season this year. We’re most definitely dreaming of a chic Christmas at Viva HQ. We've even been promis...

13th December 2018

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Dreaming of a Glazed Christmas?

Ahhhh, the festive season! Here we go again! It's that fun time of year where the family comes together to eat, drink and be merry, exchanging gifts and playing games. Well, that’s the plan anyway, until you suddenly find that your house is all o...

6th December 2018

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3 Ways To Brighter Living Rooms

Here in blighty, living rooms are arguably the most used spaces within the home. At this time of year though, they can be gloomy and dull despite your best efforts with the fairy lights. It's times like this that the influx of natural light brough...

29th November 2018

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Blurring Boundaries

Bi-folding doors blur the boundaries between home and garden brilliantly.  Made up of a run of glazed panels which can fold one way or the other, bi-folding doors maximise light in your chosen room, no end. When installed with a flushed track...

22nd November 2018

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Top 5 Heritage Orangeries

Last week, we looked at orangeries through the ages. Highlighting how long these stylish buildings have been adorning our homes. So, today, we're rounded up some of the best and brightest. We're looking around 5 heritage orangeries, to take a look...

15th November 2018

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The Beauty of Bi-folding Doors

In the last five years, bi-folding doors – also known as folding sliding doors - have become the must-have door of choice for most homeowners. Overtaking traditional patio doors in the style stakes, and providing greater flexibility for home life....

8th November 2018

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Orangeries Through The Ages

Orangeries are now a modern staple in our homes. They make a brilliant way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to extending your property. The truly great thing about modern orangeries, is their hybrid form. Composed by bringing together ...

1st November 2018

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Light It Up…For A Better Night’s Sleep!

According to psychologists, there is an epidemic of sleep disorders’[1] spreading across the western world. It sounds a little melodramatic, and is unlikely to be the subject of the next Hollywood disaster blockbuster, but sleep deprivation is a t...

25th October 2018

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Reach for the Skylights!

Skylights – also known as rooflights - are a great way of allowing light into a property. Skylights provide the most cost effective method of introducing daylight and life into the dullest of rooms. What's more, they're virtually maintenance free....

18th October 2018

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How Can Bi-folding Doors Keep You Cosy?

Over the past few years Britain has been experiencing some truly white - and very icy - winters. It's no surprise then, that conditions have often tested us all to the limit. It also seems to instill people with the notion that bi-folding doors ar...

11th October 2018

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Extend Your Growing Season

 For many gardeners, the growing season begins in spring and by the end of August, it’s all over, bar the composting. For the canny gardener however, there’s so much more to be gained! Green thumbs need never resort to twiddling. If you start plan...

4th October 2018

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10 Ways to Winter Proof Your Home

There’s no denying it - winter is heading our way. We’ve had a couple of frosty mornings and there have even been rumours of snow, and lots of it, so it’s about time we started to prepare and that includes preparing our homes. Top 10 Ways to Wint...

27th September 2018

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Step Into The Light…

Who cares if winter is just around the corner? If the danish concept of Hygge taught us anything, it's that when you’re snuggled up indoors enjoying a centrally heated glow, the gentle patter of rain on glass and watching the storm blow by, there’...

20th September 2018

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The Coolest Winter Style Around

Winter is almost upon us...or should that be winter is coming? So, it’s time for the fashion-followers to refresh their wardrobes and their homes. While colour pops and blazing shades were all the thing through the summer months, winter style sugg...

13th September 2018

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The Great Indoors

So, we're into September and the weather is on the change, making the great indoors the place to be. Here are a few tips on how to make your indoors as cosy as can be, without missing out on the natural light our bodies crave.  The problem with...

6th September 2018

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Wonderful Windows

What is a window? A piece of glass that lets in the light, shuts out the weather and provides a view on the world. Windows are usually rectangular, occasionally square or circular in form and are positioned so that adults can look out of them com...

30th August 2018

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Privacy Glass: What Are Your Options?

It's not hard to see, that here at Viva, glazing is very much our thing. We love natural light and we love introducing it into our clients homes. We love the feeling of expansiveness that comes from well incorporated glass design and we're always ...

23rd August 2018

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Creating a Kitchen Diner

The beautiful thing about Viva's glass and aluminium product range, is the way in which they can come together to create something which is more than just the sum of its parts. A kitchen diner might not seem like the obvious Viva offering. But wit...

16th August 2018

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Good Design is…

The interesting thing about good design, whether a tea cup or a forty storey building, is that you’re hardly likely to notice it. Of course, you’ll pick it up, you’ll use it, you may even subconsciously appreciate its aesthetics, but it’s only if ...

9th August 2018

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Welcome More Natural Light

Bringing so much more natural light into the home is one of the major reasons bi-folding doors, sliding doors and skylights are so popular. In fact it’s a primary concern for a great many of our Viva clients. There are so many reasons why boosting...

2nd August 2018

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Choosing Your Glazing Spec

You might think that, out of everything, choosing the glazing for your structure will be clear and simple. Glazing choice did used to be among the simplest decisions you had to make, mostly because the options were limited. Things are changing tho...

26th July 2018

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The Skies Are The Limit

It's a phrase bandied about in offices and meetings up and down the country. At Viva though, we've got reason to believe the sky really is the limit. Working with glass and aluminium skylights means that for our clients, the sky is always the visu...

19th July 2018

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Let the Sun Shine!

We’ve had a glorious start to summer and it’s really only just begun! With the rest of July and August glittering enticingly on the horizon. With that in mind, this week we thought we’d take a look at some of the ways that Viva can help you have t...

12th July 2018

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If you’re looking to let extra light flood your home, without the hassle of a huge renovation, then why not consider simply switching out your old patio doors? Make any room DOORlicious, and packed full of natural light, with our range of contempo...

5th July 2018

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Step Into Summer

Summer. Is. Here. How fabulous is that? The spring was kind to us, but with the longer days, the warmer weather, and clear blue skies ahead, it's time to look forward to summer. This summer is set to be one of the hottest yet to hit the UK. With c...

28th June 2018

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Buy, Build, Improve?

With official figures showing that the UK housing market has finally regained its equilibrium, moving home is a viable option once again. With plenty of you choosing to do just that. House prices, though, are still on the rise; meaning moving migh...

21st June 2018

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A Touch of Glass

In darkness, what do we see? Humans are light-loving creatures. We’ve evolved that way, so there’s little surprise that glass has always been much sought after. Today, with a little planning and clever design anyone can have a light-filled living ...

14th June 2018

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What’s Hot for Summer Interiors?

The weather is seriously warming up, and we’re now truly into the start of summer. If you're planning on touching up your interiors, now's the time to seize hold of your plans and embrace a make-over, freshen things up and get your home summer-rea...

7th June 2018

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More Sky, Less Roof

Did you know that there are, on average, 200-300 UFO sightings every year in the UK? Not to mention the thousands of shooting stars on show every single night? Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all also visible from Earth, on the right ...

31st May 2018

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Why Good Windows Make a Good Investment

Aside from giving them the occasional clean, the majority of us rarely spare a thought for our windows. You might be surprised then, to discover the impact they can have on your home. A recent study revealed that not cleaning your home’s windows ...

24th May 2018

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What’s Hot for Spring Interiors?

So another season comes with another set of styles, and it’s time for any budding interior designers to break out the brushes. Paintbrushes, that is, and give their home a once-over. Stuck for ideas? Never fear, we've  put together our guide to s...

17th May 2018

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Skylight; Skybright

Trends come and go in architecture but an influx of natural light via a beautifully designed skylight, is unlikely to ever go out of style. We all have an internal relationship with light. Natural light being the most preferable form. So, what bet...

10th May 2018

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The Springtime Garden

Hoorah! The weekend is almost here, the skies are blue, the birds are singing, small mammals are giving each other suggestive looks. It can only mean one thing! Spring is here at last! It’s time to pull on your wellies, dust off your shovel and he...

3rd May 2018

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Live In Light

Fiat lux – let there be light – has been an architectural driving force for centuries. All of us crave natural light. Not just because of convenience and aesthetics, but because it’s extremely beneficial to our health; giving us strong bones; heal...

26th April 2018

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Alfresco Dining at Its Best

Designed to provide the perfect indoor and outdoor solution, bi-folding doors help make the most of alfresco dining. That's because they not only change the look of your home, but how you use it too. With a set of bi-folds you can dine outdoors w...

19th April 2018

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Are Bi-folds the Answer?

First seen on shows such as Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces, bi-folding doors offer a multitude of ways to merge your home with the outdoors 365 days of the year. With just a few simple changes to your property, it's simple to enjoy your garden w...

12th April 2018

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A Guide to Buying Bi-folding Doors

Before embarking on a new set of bi-folding doors, it's worth taking a good look around this blog, and our site, to help get an overall view of our door sets. Once you know your way around a set of bi-folding doors, you can begin the process of fi...

5th April 2018

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Get To Know Our Bi-Folding Doors…

First seen on shows such as Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces, bi-folding doors offer a multitude of ways to merge home and garden. So, you can enjoy your garden during the warmer months and let natural light flood your property come winter. This ...

29th March 2018

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Planning Permission Made Simple

We all want to avoid lengthy planning reviews wherever possible. Often home-owners are unaware of how to navigate planning law to their advantage. Below, we’ve put together a short overview of planning permission, with regards to bi-folding doo...

22nd March 2018

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Sliding Doors: Where Will They Take You?

We’ve all seen the film, right? In a scene no doubt relatable to many, a busy Londoner, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, rushes to catch her train, unaware of the fact that her future hinges on whether or not she makes it. The plot then branches into tw...

15th March 2018

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Make Your House, Your Home

So, you’ve finally unpacked. The stress of the move is over and the cardboard boxes have been broken down. You’ve rooted out your favourite mug and finally had a chance to flop down on the couch and take in your surroundings. It’s a scene many ne...

8th March 2018

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The Winter Orangery

Isn’t it chilly? Freezing in fact, up north. We're dealing with freak snow storms and some serious winds. You might thing that would put orangeries out of the picture. The modern orangery though, is a versatile space - and can be extremely cosy wh...

1st March 2018

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Plan Now for Spring

The weather may be changeable of late, but if one things for certain, it’s that spring is only a warm week or two away. With spring, comes the familiar renewal of nature we all crave winter long. As nature unfurls itself once more and the hibernat...

22nd February 2018

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Why Design a Modular Orangery?

Modular orangeries are a brilliant way to provide extra space in the home for you and your family. But, what is a modular orangery? An orangery, close cousin to the conservatory, is a glazed room which incorporates both glazed sections and brick f...

15th February 2018

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Why are Bi-folding Doors So Popular?

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, bi-folding doors are the most popular product we offer. They’re the latest trend, and can bring new dimensions to properties of any ilk. Whether you live in a lovely period abode, or have more modern t...

8th February 2018

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When One Door Closes…

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things we can do. It stands to reason that the upheaval of your entire life will come with its fair share of stress. However, there’s still plenty to look forward to when moving home. Once the d...

1st February 2018

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Bi-folding or Sliding Doors? Take the Quiz!

There is no doubt that bi-folding doors are the celebrities of the modern door world. Featured in magazines, home renovation shows and on the back of homes up and down the country, it’s easy to see why these super cool door sets are so popular. Bu...

25th January 2018

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3 Ways A Skylight Will Enhance Your Home

Regulars to these pages, will know how much we like to shine a spotlight on the humble skylight. Viva are best known for our stylish door sets; whether you’re after aluminium framed sliding or bi-folding doors. It’s worth remembering though, that ...

18th January 2018

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Maintaining Your Bi-Folding Doors

Thanks to their strong and durable aluminium frameworks, all of Viva’s products are relatively low maintenance. So you won’t have to do much at all, and they'll always look their best. Unlike wooden frames, which need constant repaints or the repe...

11th January 2018

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Ho Ho Ho Home for Christmas        

Home for Christmas, a popular crimbo jingle that sums up what most of us are longing for right now. Christmas on a Monday seems a little odd. Maybe it’s spending the whole week prior to the big day in the office, or simply the miserable weather. ...

21st December 2017

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Deck the Doors: Top Tips For Xmas Style

There are few things nicer than stepping through your door to a warm, fairy lit welcome. Holidays are coming and as we rush around the shops picking up the last few bits, it’s nice to know there’s a festive and cosy spot awaiting us at home. Chri...

14th December 2017

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Flat Skylights 101

Skylights make a great, but simple, addition to most homes – and flat skylights are the latest trend. Slicker, cooler and less bulky than their apex counterparts, this new design innovation has lots to offer both modern and period homes. Flat Sky...

7th December 2017

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5 Ways to Let Light In

In winter natural light is particularly hard to come by. So it’s at this time of year when we begin to look for ways to bring as much light as possible into the home. Brighter homes are nicer spaces to be, after all. Additionally though, a lack o...

30th November 2017

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Why Upgrade to Bi-folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors are sweeping the nation. People up and down the country are trading up their tired uPVC patio doors for something with a little more style. We all understand the value of bringing light into the home – and often the best way to do...

23rd November 2017

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Case Study: Modular Orangery

Modular orangeries are a handy option when looking to extend your home. Whether you're crying out for extra internal space or just want to make more of the dead space in your garden. This modular orangery posed a particular challenge - but Viva ac...

16th November 2017

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A Whole New Site

We’re sure you’ve noticed, but we’ve had a whole new site designed. At Viva we like to keep our offering fresh - and that extends well beyond our contemporary and innovate product ranges. So, we decided to revamp the website and create a new ...

9th November 2017

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Apples and Orangeries

The term orangery is becoming more and more recognisable. Especially in circles that like to keep up with architectural and interior trends. Orangeries may have been around for centuries now, but we’re certain their going through a revival. ...

2nd November 2017

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Skylights at Night

Skylights make a great addition to the home. By incorporating a skylight into any available flat roof lines in your property, you’ll introduce tons of natural light. Natural light is the best way to ensure your household doesn’t rely too heavily o...

26th October 2017

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Hygge Away

Hibernation season is here and hygge is back. If you haven’t heard, hygge is a Danish concept. It swept the UK this time last year, and is set to do the same again this autumn. The concept of hygge is all about getting cosy, feeling relaxed and bo...

19th October 2017

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Thermal Efficiency In Your Home

There’s no denying it, despite slightly milder weather conditions than we’re used to at this time of year, we'll soon be cracking out the thermal underwear. But what about the thermal efficiency we rely on in our homes? All too often hard e...

12th October 2017

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5 Reasons to Refresh Old Windows and Doors

More Light If you have existing wooden or plastic windows there’s a high possibility that a lot of the light that could be coming into you house is not due to the amount of framework these require. Aluminium windows and doors on the other hand ar...

9th October 2017

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The Cook’s Garden

Installing new folding sliding doors opens your kitchen to the garden beyond, so it is essential that you consider how you want to use the external space – as well as thinking about the interior. If you are a keen cook this is an ideal opportunity...

22nd September 2017

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A Year Behind Bi-folding Doors

Now that we read that back, it sounds a little like a prison sentence…but bear with us. As fun as it was to lock our least favourite Sims inside a room of doorless walls, we’ve got no intention of doing the same to you. And even if we tried, the f...

21st September 2017

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A Guide to Maintaining Your Skylight

Skylights are one of the simplest solutions to the common complaint we hear from homeowners, looking to add more natural light into their living spaces, and dispel some of the gloom which all too often gathers in the corners of our brick box homes...

7th September 2017

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The Ultimate Bank Holiday BBQ

We’re keeping it short and sweet this week – just like the 4 day week we’re all looking forward to come Friday – so you’ve got more time to put your bank holiday plans into action and make sure they’re truly spectacular. At Viva, we’re pretty p...

24th August 2017

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Kitchen Diners – Hotting Up!

It’s easy to see why the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. With so much time spent here, many of the memories that make a house a home start here. It has to be said though, that many UK properties simply aren’t cut out for mo...

17th August 2017

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Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

Glazing that won’t turn your home into a hot house during the summer months. Then zap all of your hard won heat throughout the winter chill. It sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it? A few decades ago, you’d be perfectly right to balk at...

10th August 2017

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Case Study: Round the Bend

Whilst the majority of our products come in standard sizes and configurations, and can be easily order online here, we do get the odd request for something a little more special – and we’re always happy to oblige! Read on to find out more! The D...

3rd August 2017

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Sliding vs Bi-folding Doors: What’s Your Style?

Choosing which door set is right for you can be a difficult decision. Although it’s easy to go with the majority and head straight for the bi-folding door section of our site, that isn't always the best idea. Instead, it’s worth considering how yo...

27th July 2017

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Get Growing: Garden Fun

So, school’s out for summer, the children are home and you’re not sure exactly what to do with them. There are day trips to plan and visits to grandparents. They’ve got some friends coming over for a few days and you’ll take them over to the local...

20th July 2017

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Discovering Skylights

Whether you need brighter, lighter spaces at home, or simply want to connect more with your outside space, there’s a lot to be said for the humble skylight. Versatile as they come,  skylights, roof lanterns and roof lights come in many shapes and ...

13th July 2017

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We’re all going on a….Summer Holiday

Ahhhhh the summer holidays! That long stretch of time between school years where the kids are rewarded with a well earned down time. Now that we're headed towards the last days of term, the holidays are looming large. Your children may be about to...

6th July 2017

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Brighten Up Your Home…

Bright, natural light filled spaces are making their way to the top of many of our personal 'most wanted' lists. We want to create modern spaces to live in more than ever. That means many things; open plan, minimal and bright all spring to mind. W...

29th June 2017

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The Summer Skylight

Skylights are an extremely undervalued addition to the home. Manufactured in various shapes and sizes, from flat to apex, and available in a range of different styles and materials, modern skylights are a very versatile product. The skylight, wil...

22nd June 2017

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The Do Nots of Buying Bi-folds

Last week we took you through our five top tips for buying bi-folds. Getting it wrong can be just as easily caused by doing something you shouldn’t do though. So we're guiding you through the don'ts tdoday, before taking the plunge with your new s...

15th June 2017

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The Dos of Buying Bi-folding Doors

Buying yourself a new set of bi-folding doors is not a decision you should undertake lightly. They make a great investment, when researched and installed properly, but put a foot wrong and you could lessen the value of your family home. So, here’s...

8th June 2017

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Holiday At Home

With airport visits at their highest this summer and chaos caused by BA’s recent computer breakdown, it might be best to avoid the security shuffle altogether. We’re not talking online check in or queue jumps purchased on top of your annual trip a...

1st June 2017

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An Ode to Manchester

This week, we’d planned on extolling to you the virtues of holidaying from home. But Viva are a Manchester based company. Our directors were born and bred here and our staff call this city their home. We work with many local companies to maintain...

25th May 2017

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Slide Into Summer

That’s right, this is the part where we tell you that summer is just beyond the bi-folds. In no time at all it’ll be cracking the flags. We’ve got eyes though! We've been checking the forecasts and watching out for blue skies ahead, and they’re ju...

18th May 2017

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A Bedroom with a View

Large glazed expanses, sliding doors, bi-folds and skylights; a modern homeowners dream. When you picture the addition of one of these contemporary features, injecting new life – and tons of light – into your home, it’s often to augment a new kitc...

11th May 2017

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The Benefits of Modular Orangeries

Orangeries have been growing in popularity. So, with many people asking us what advantages they may have over other extensions, we've put together a quick guide to the modular orangery. To start with though, a little history lesson. Way back when...

4th May 2017

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Get Out & Grow!

One of the best things about Viva’s most popular product; our glass and aluminium bi-folding door sets, is their ability to merge indoors and outdoors spaces. In doing so, they provide easier access to your garden. Bi-folds seamlessly marry the s...

27th April 2017

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Viva’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring brings with it many wonderful things; new flowers, plants and shoots, baby lambs and little chicks. Not to mention the first few hints of sunshine and warmer weather. With all that, comes a new zest for life, new starts and new ideas. Spri...

20th April 2017

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The Great Viva Egg Hunt

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors! Especially when the great outdoors are located just outside your window. Even better, just beyond your bi-folding or sliding doors. By helping to bring the outdoors in our products also open up new wa...

13th April 2017

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Safe & Sound: Home Security With Viva

Have you been considering our door sets but hold concerns about their security? Knowing that windows are the easiest way for criminals to enter a home, can make you uncertain about adding more glazing.  We get it! We thought today, we'd address th...

6th April 2017

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Get To Know Your Skylight

Skylights have now firmly made their move into the domestic sphere – and they’re certainly making themselves at home there. Whether as part of a modular orangery, or a standalone home improvement, a skylight brings many benefits and can help give ...

30th March 2017

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Step Into Spring

Or should that be spring into spring? There's no question about it, the warmer weather is bound to put a spring in your step. The weather is now perfectly on side, and looking out the window, it’s clear that we’re now well on our way to sunshine d...

23rd March 2017

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The Best Place To Brunch

Brunch is a wonderful thing! Placed any time between breakfast and lunch, brunch means mimosas and something delicious on the menu. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, pancakes with syrup or eggs benedict, all washed down with a little fizz. It's al...

16th March 2017

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5 Ways to Introduce Light At Home

With lighter nights and brighter days finally on the horizon, hibernation season is at an end. Time to get back into the garden and spend more time with friends and family. The boost in natural light also gives our bodies, and our brains,  a boost...

9th March 2017

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Open Up To Natural Light This Spring

Finally! We're getting some finer weather! After Hurricane Doris did her worst a few weeks ago, it would seem that sunshine in now firmly back on the agenda. With the first few days of March then, we can all begin to look forward to warmer days, b...

2nd March 2017

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Future Proof Your Home with Viva

If the current political climate has taught us all anything, it’s that nothing is certain. The future is as murky as a set of long forgotten bi-fold doors. Any attempts to predict what will happen next seem futile. The best way to prepare yoursel...

23rd February 2017

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Bi-folding Doors: The Basics

So, you’ve been considering a set of stylish glass and aluminium bi-folding doors? You’ve seen lots of inspiration and know exactly what you’re after. You can’t wait to bring the outdoors in and you’re really excited about getting started...you’re...

16th February 2017

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Sensational Sliding Doors

Glass doors have evolved rather brilliantly in recent years, with modern and innovative takes on the basic patio door storming the market. Over on Dragons Den a pitch is turned down because the invention only works for use with patio doors. It’s ...

9th February 2017

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How To Make A Small Home Feel Larger

With the UK currently building some of the smallest homes in Europe, it's never been more important to create the illusion of larger spaces. We’re not the first country to face this challenge though. With overcrowding in cities across the world l...

2nd February 2017

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Adding Value With Bi-folding Doors

Value can come in many forms, although most minds will immediately jump to financial value – and don’t worry we’ll be covering the financial gain bi-fold doors can bring into your home in detail. Value, though, needn’t just be ascertained by the p...

26th January 2017

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Case Study: Flat Skylight Enhances Period Home

At Viva, we’re proud of all the work we do ! Whether we're responding to your online order for a standard set of bi-folding doors quickly and efficiently. Or helping you create something a little more out of the ordinary. If you think you might f...

12th January 2017

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New Year, New Home?

It’s the beginning of another year, and so the perfect time for new beginnings. New Year’s Resolutions will be made (and broken). New trinkets and presents will find their place in your home and a new season is just around the corner. Which is why...

5th January 2017

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The Perfect Party Pad

Well, that’s the Christmas feasting and the Boxing Day buffets over with for another year. You may have had friends over to share the big day with, spent it with your family or been out and about visiting all and sundry, but now we’ve all got a fe...

29th December 2016

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Merry Xmas From Viva

This week, we’re winding down for Christmas and getting ourselves ready to shut up shop and celebrate at home. We’ve had plenty of chocolates in the office, lots of lovely cards and some very festively themed junk mail! We’ve had the Christmas pa...

22nd December 2016

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Glaze The Halls

Snow is yet to be falling all around us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to bring some festive cheer into the home. We’ve only got 3 Friday’s until Christmas, so now’s the time to start making them count. We're glazing the halls...and helping...

8th December 2016

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A Christmas Orangery

December is here at last and thoughts are turning to Christmas – but where will you be spending yours? It’s going to have to be cosy and warm, to keep out the winter chill. Large enough to fit the whole family and easily accessible for Christmas d...

1st December 2016

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Limitless Possibilities With Bi-folding Doors

Human nature dictates that we push the boundaries, surpass our limits and constantly seek to expand what is possible. In science, technology and almost all other walks of life, it is only when we push past our limits that we are most likely to mak...

24th November 2016

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Case Study: Bi-Folds In The Kitchen

Bi-folding doors can enhance your home in all sorts of ways. Internal bi-folds can create on demand open plan, whereas an external set glass and aluminium doors blur the boundaries between home and garden. Go further, by teaming bi-folding doors w...

17th November 2016

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Room Envy

There is a new ailment sweeping through unsuspecting members of the public up and down the country. We have long known the symptoms, but like ‘Yuppie Flu’ and chronic pain, we're prone to dismiss them as not real. Key indicators of the condition ...

10th November 2016

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Make The Most Of Winter Skies

More often than not, this time of year leads to complaints about the cold and longing for brighter days with the great British public taking on our favourite conversation starter; the weather, with more gusto than your uncle taking over the dance ...

27th October 2016

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Accessorise Your Home For Halloween

We’ll be the first to say that our aluminium skylights, bi-folding and sliding doors aren’t particularly spooky. What’s more with our ten year guarantee and free delivery, there’s very little to from Viva product. We offer expert advice prior to ...

20th October 2016

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How To Create A Modular Orangery

The orangery may seem like a modern innovation to many home owners...but they’ve actually been around far longer than you'd think. The modular orangery however, is a wholly contemporary phenomenon, with wholly modern styling. Today we’ll be takin...

13th October 2016

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Bi-folds That Won’t Break The Bank

Bi-folding doors have been one of the most popular home additions for a few years now. All thanks to their modern styling and the many ways they can improve the space in your home. Often though, when something looks as slick and stylish as our bi...

6th October 2016

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Sliding Doors: The Perfect Compromise

Sliding doors have a certain sway here at Viva. Sliding doors look fantastic – with contemporary design, slim sight lines and top notch powder coating. They also come with ergonomic modern handles, anti-theft locking systems and a full 10 year gu...

6th October 2016

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Modern Design For Modern Living

In an age that’s seen the advent of 3D printing, driverless cars and glass that cleans itself, it’s no wonder that we, as consumers, now ask for that little bit extra. Whether it’s the latest i-phone or the décor for our homes, we crave progress i...

22nd September 2016

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Skylight, Roof Light or Roof Lantern?

When it comes to one of our most effective products; the glass and aluminium skylight, we often find people asking for advice on the right skylight for them. You see, there are so many different terms out there that it can get confusing to anyone ...

15th September 2016

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Viva Favourites: Sliding Doors

At Viva, we may be famous for our bi-folding doors, but we also offer some seriously stylish sliding doors. Both of which help bring your home and garden together. Sliding doors are great when space is an issue around your chosen aperture, or as a...

8th September 2016

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The History of the Orangery

The orangery has become a huge part of domestic architecture in recent years  and is now rivalling the conservatory for popularity across the country. However, there are still some sceptics out there. They refuse to believe the orangery ever exist...

1st September 2016

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Is Your Home Ready For Autumn?

We wouldn’t want to jinx anything, as the sun is currently shining over Viva HQ, but we’ll say it anyway – the summer season is coming to an end. It’s not all bad news though, because with the end of summer comes the beginning of autumn. There ar...

25th August 2016

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Bi-folding Doors Blur The Boundaries

Bi-folding doors are brilliant at blurring the boundaries between your home and whatever outdoor space it has to offer. Growing ever more popular, bi-folding doors are available in a wide range of finishes for use in a myriad of ways. We’re nothi...

18th August 2016

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Stylish Sliding Doors

There are few things we truly need in our homes, a few more for comfort perhaps, but even then, we don’t really need much. One thing, though, that every home does need...is a door. So, why settle for the obvious? Why not think outside the door fra...

11th August 2016

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Bi-Folding Doors: The Perfect Summer Accessory

There are lots of ways to make summer time special. None more so than the great British road trip! Packing up the car for windy days at the beach, long lazy summer holidays with the kids and days out everywhere from the park, to the zoo. Along wit...

4th August 2016

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Skylights For Summer Nights

Can you think of anything more beautiful than a summer sky? Day or night, they can be pretty spectacular! But today we want to focus on nature’s nocturnal habits and the beauty of summer skies at night. Skylights make the perfect solution! They a...

28th July 2016

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Bring The Bi-Folds In

Ahhhhh summer, it's finally here! Of course, now that it is, we’re all wishing things would cool down a little. It wouldn’t be Great Britain, after all, if we weren’t all moaning about the weather! Regardless of whether that weather is too warm or...

20th July 2016

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Modern, Modular Orangeries

Viva products all answer the particular needs of modern life. Our bi-folding doors open your home to the outdoors, sliding doors make spaces more versatile and the installation of one of our gorgeous glass and aluminium skylights will instantly bo...

14th July 2016

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Open Up For Summer

The summer weather might be unreliable, or rather perfectly reliable in its inability to be relied upon, right now – but here at Viva, we certainly aren’t! You don’t just have to take our word for it – you can check out the many messages we receiv...

7th July 2016

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Let The Outside In This Summer

Summer is finally here…or is it? On a dull day like today you’d be forgiven for thinking that summer was well and truly over! We've had some sunny days though, and with more forecast through July and August, it’s imperative that we make the most o...

30th June 2016

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Beautiful Bi-folds

Viva design, manufacture and install modern bi-folding doors across the UK. We use only the best quality materials and time honoured engineering skills. Our work stretches way back to the famous Crystal Palace, making us true experts in our field....

23rd June 2016

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Improve Your Home (and add value!)

Most people we meet are looking to improve their home and living spaces. No two reasons are the same though. Some choose to create more room for growing families. Others want to introduce more natural light into their lives. Or maybe opening up yo...

9th June 2016

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Slide On In; Sliding Doors in the Home

At Viva we’re best known for our top quality bi-folding door sets, which are proving extremely popular. However, we also design and manufacture the lesser-spotted sliding door right here from our factory just outside of Manchester. Sliding doors ...

2nd June 2016

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Renovate Your Garage With Viva

It’s thought that the UK are currently building some of the smallest homes in Europe. So, homeowners in the UK, need to make the most of the space we have. Luckily,  in recent years we’ve been finding some really innovative ways of doing just that...

26th May 2016

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On Trend: Flat Skylights

Our glass and aluminium skylights, also known as roof lights or lanterns, offer a unique way to introduce more light into your home. Viva has a rich heritage working with glass and aluminium systems. Because of this, we also strive to continuously...

19th May 2016

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Get Ready For Summer: A Home & Garden Guide

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to start preparing your home and garden. When family BBQs beckon and   more sunshine on the way, making the most of what your home has to offer can improve your summer no end. And, if you get star...

12th May 2016

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Improve Your Well-being with a Sky Light

Boosting well-being with a skylight may sound a bit strange. How can the installation of a few aluminium extrusions and glazed panels have any bearing on the way you feel? And how is the upheaval of a home improvement likely to positively effect a...

5th May 2016

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Small Home Improvements that make a Huge Difference

When we’re told that friends, family, acquaintances or neighbours are undertaking a home improvement project, our sympathies immediately go out to them. Unless the neighbours are of the particularly obnoxious kind, of course. We imagine their she...

28th April 2016

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Add a Skylight; Set the Mood

Skylight, star bright, first star I see tonight.  We all remember a version of this from childhood; back when the stars could grant us wishes and the moon was made of cheese. As we grow up, our fascination with the skies lessens, the magic fa...

21st April 2016

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Create A Home Hub with a Modular Orangery

Modern life is fast paced and constantly on the move. So, as our lives continue to overflow and family and friends fare no better, how can we begin to reconnect with a world which is preoccupied by smart phones and snap chat? The influx of co...

14th April 2016

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On Trend: Wide Pane Sliding Doors

Our most popular products here at Viva are, without a shadow of a doubt, our bi-folding door sets. Manufactured right here in the UK, to your chosen dimensions. But have you considered sliding doors? Bi-folding doors, however, by their nature...

7th April 2016

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Will I Need Planning Permission?

Whether you’re still in the early stages or further along, we’ve put together a short break down of planning permission. We're covering all of our high quality glass and aluminium products. Viva have a wealth of experience within the home improve...

2nd April 2016

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Let Spring In with Skylights and Bifolding Doors

We’re now well into March. So, as the clocks spring forward this weekend it’s well and truly time for us all to start embracing the new season. With spring cleaning out of the way, and bank holiday weekend just over the horizon, it’s time to relax...

24th March 2016

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Five Ways Bifolding or Sliding Doors Will Enhance Your Home

Glazed door sets are a brilliant way to update your home. We always love to hear from happy clients, about how well their new doors have enhanced their properties and the way they live. All of Viva’s products are manufactured using only the highe...

15th March 2016

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Five Ways Skylights Can Enhance Your Home

Skylights make a wonderful addition to your home. They flood your rooms with natural light and add an innovative and interesting design feature to your property. Viva specialise in high quality, aluminium skylights; precision engineered to enhance...

15th March 2016

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Viva fit a set of Sliding Doors on a boat

We’ve put some doors in some pretty obscure places over the years. But, never on a boat...until now. Our client was re-furbishing the entire boat. An important part of that plan being a large set of aluminium sliding doors. Apart from providing m...

21st December 2015

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Santa For Sliding Doors

Santa goes by many names; St Nick, Santa Clause, Father Christmas and a whole host of others throughout the world. There's one part of the story, though, that stays pretty much the same wherever you live. Whatever name you know him by, he has to g...

15th December 2015

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Replacing Old Doors with Bi-folding Doors

Doors & windows are what we do! We'll install brand new bi-folds or replace existing patio doors with something more modern. We can manufacture a full set of matching doors and windows for your home or assist in a new build. Below is a peek b...

9th October 2015

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Aluminium Windows and Doors

It’s always a pleasure when a customer sends us some pictures of their new windows or doors. Particularly when they have finished decorating. When it comes to building a new extension we recognise we are only part of the process. Our windows &...

10th August 2015

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Aluminium Door with Sidelights

Here we can see a single aluminium doors with sidelights and a glazed top light panel above. Precision engineered by Viva to fit a bespoke lean-to gable. This set up provides an attractive solution for a modern contemporary home. Look through the...

5th June 2015

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Modern Home with Bi-folding Doors

Whilst our doors are often used to bring an ordinary living space bang up to date, every once in a while something special comes along. In this instance it’s an oak framed outbuilding. Using large expanses of glass, with a choice of both natural a...

7th December 2014

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Bi-folding Doors for Garden Studios

Over the years we’ve installed a number of bi-folding doors in garden studios. We enjoy being part of such projects and as the movement towards working from and having independent spaces within the home grows, we're seeing more and more call for o...

7th October 2014

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Home Improvements

Nothing quite tells a story like a ‘before and after’ photo. At Viva, we love sharing them. After all a picture tells a thousand words! In particular, these pictures show the huge impact a simple home improvement, like introducing a set of bi-fold...

26th June 2014

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Planning For Bi-folding Doors

Planning to update your home to accommodate a new set of bi-folding doors? We've put together some tips to help you know what to expect, and how to plan. Changing or adding doors to your home most often falls within your permitted development. So...

7th March 2014

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Bi-folding Doors Connect House & Conservatory

Traditional conservatories are often cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer. So it pays to invest in a set of doors to connect, and close off, the two. Our double glazed aluminium bi-folding doors provide an attractive solution to the p...

6th March 2014

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Multiple Bi-folding Doors

At Viva we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing . One of the reasons that we can be so competitive where out bi-folding doors are concerning, is the fact that we can communicate directly online with our customers. Having no reps out on the r...

26th February 2014

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5 Panel Bi-folding Doors

With the good fortune of a large garden and a decent amount of interior space, you can transform the use of any room with a set of large bi-folding doors. Commissioning a purpose built canopy overhead allows you to utilise your doors year round, w...

18th February 2014

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Connect with the Great Outdoors

Over the last year or so, we've been noticing an increasing emphasis on the details. The little things. Those personal touches. The subtle blurring of indoors with outdoors. As opposed to larger scale design. People are paying more attention to...

19th December 2013

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Home Renovation Ideas

When it comes to any home renovation project, you should always plan ahead. It pays to consider the options available for doors and skylights well in advance. One of the first things to do is to take a look around to get some ideas. Maybe your fr...

28th August 2013

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Maximize Your Space

It’s always good to hear from our customers and it’s very rewarding to see how a set of our bi-folding doors can transform their homes and the way they use it. We’ve installed our sliding and bi-folding doors in almost every kind of home over the...

20th August 2013

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Modern Barn Conversion

There’s something about introducing a modern element to an old building. Grand Designs is partial to focusing on barn conversions, after all. That's because of the fun and the versatility updating a barn or similar outbuilding can bring. In this i...

9th August 2013

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Replacing Patio Doors

When it comes to replacing patio doors there are a number of options available. Door technology has advanced significantly since the sliding patio doors or opening french doors we might associate with the 1980s. Glass manufacturers are continuall...

1st August 2013

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Kitchen Extension Ideas

Thinking of extending your kitchen? Got a garden you'd like to enjoy more? Then why not consider adding a set or two of our beautiful bifolding doors. Not only will this allow more light to flood your new kitchen, it also change the dynamics of ho...

12th July 2013

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The Scented Garden

The distinction between indoors and out blurs enjoyably when folding sliding doors are installed. Bi-folds allow you to make more of your garden. The sun cascades in, gentle summer rain can be heard, as well as seen, when it pita-patters on the te...

15th April 2013

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Let There Be Light

Our position in the Northern hemisphere alters day length. This provides subtle changes in light and temperature, as the seasons come and go. With bi-folding doors you can merge your indoor living space with the great outdoors. You'll also imp...

12th April 2013

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