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3 Ways To Brighter Living Rooms

Here in blighty, living rooms are arguably the most used spaces within the home. At this time of year though, they can be gloomy and dull despite your best efforts with the fairy lights. It’s times like this that the influx of natural light brought in by Viva’s modern glass and aluminium range, is most needed.

So today we’re outlining 3 different ways in which lighter, brighter living rooms can be achieved year round:

Move the Living Room to a Modular Orangery

Creating a modular orangery to accommodate your dream living room is a guaranteed way brighten up your home. Our orangeries start with a set (or sets) of bi-folding doors and however many skylights your footprint calls for. These are then incorporated into a traditional brick style extension, giving you the best of both worlds.

Install a Skylight or Two

If your living rooms is within a section of your home with a flat roof, then you’re in luck! The simple addition of a skylight or two (or three, or four etc) will transform your living room. Skylights, however many you opt for, allow an abundance of light into living rooms.  They’re also handy should you want to introduce natural light without sacrificing your privacy.

Open Up with Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors have become a major trend in recent years. They’re well on their way to overtaking patio doors as the number one choice for accessing the garden. Bi-folding doors are also perfect for creating bright and inviting living rooms with added wow factor.

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