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The Beauty of Bi-folding Doors

In the last five years, bi-folding doors – also known as folding sliding doors – have become the must-have door of choice for most homeowners. Overtaking traditional patio doors in the style stakes, and providing greater flexibility for home life. These doors have the potential to do far more than change the way you see your home.

Bi-folds are made up of a run of glazed panels that fold together. This allows a full wall length to be opened up when the weather permits. Bi-folding doors can be configured to suit the exact requirements of any household. Design your set to open to the left, to the right, split to open both ways, with the door system stacked internally or externally when fully opened. Additionally, when closed, one of the bi-folding door panels can be used as a ‘traffic’ door. This gives access to the outdoors without the need of opening up the entire door set.

Bi-folding doors maximise the opening of any doorway, adding a truly spectacular living experience to your home. They make a fabulous addition to any room. In particular, kitchen extensions and dining rooms.

Viva’s bi-folding doors, with their super slim frames, allow light to flood into the home practically unhindered by obstacle. They breath new life into living rooms, kitchens and entire homes and could even add value.

So open the doors to the future, with a set of bi-folding doors.

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