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How Can Bi-folding Doors Keep You Cosy?

Over the past few years Britain has been experiencing some truly white – and very icy – winters. It’s no surprise then, that conditions have often tested us all to the limit. It also seems to instill people with the notion that bi-folding doors are the warm-winter-home’s enemy. Which simply isn’t the case. Bi-folding doors can, in fact, keep you exceptionally cosy when harsh seasons hit home.

With the country facing yet another chilly winter then, now’s the time for some serious myth busting. Ensuring you can face winter’s winds knowing that your bi-folding doors are more than up to the task ahead.

Bi-folding doors – also known as folding sliding doors – have never been more popular. Succeeding patio doors as the modern choice for rear and side doors, no summer is complete without a set. However, they’re no less effective during winter.

Bi-folding doors can open up an entire wall of your home onto the garden, merging indoor and outdoor spaces, which explains their seasonal popularity over summer. By breaking down boundaries, bi-folds create new and inspiring spaces. This allows you to maximise access and enjoyment of your gardens all summer long.

What About Winter?

In the winter months also though bi-folding doors offer a stylish solution to many of winter’s drawbacks. Large expanses of glass, combined with minimal aluminium frames, allow light to flood into properties even on the gloomiest days. At the same time, their super slim structures act to frame the large areas of glazing as living pictures, to be enjoyed from the warmth of the home. We miss out on so much nature has to offer during winter, but now you’ll have a clear view from the comfort of your own home.

The thermal efficiency of bi-folding doors is also extremely high. Viva’s highly advanced, double glazing system achieves impressive centre pane U-values. This means that whilst the winter weather rages outside, occupants won’t feel the chill of winter, remaining warm throughout the winter months. You can find out more about the technology we use in every set of our bi-folding doors, to keep out winters worst, here.

So, don’t let the out of date opinions of the seventies stop you from investing in a modern set of glazed doors. They’re far from the white uPVC incarnations – which are rightly blamed for draughts as much now as they were then – that saw little use throughout winter. A set of Viva bi-folds could even improve your homes thermal efficiency!

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