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Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

It sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it? Glazing that won’t turn your home into a hot house during the summer months before zapping all of your hard won heat throughout the winter chill. A few decades ago, you’d be perfectly right to balk at the idea, but the times they are a ‘changing here in the humble world of home glazing.

Thanks to some brilliant advances in the way glass is treated during the production stage, these days we can offer specialist glass types which help out in the home, rather than hinder. After all, glazing is no longer purely the domain of the wealthiest classes – we now live in a world where windows come as standard and costs need to be kept down. With ever increasing efforts to go greener, we’re also much more aware of the need for thermal efficiency in the home, and demand no less than the best performance from our modern windows, doors and skylights.

At Viva, all of our standard windows, bi-folding doors, sliding doors and skylights use a highly specified double glazing system with argon gas filled cavities, to prevent heat loss and unsightly condensation. Each low e unit also including a warm edge spacer for added insulation. We also ensure that each unit is toughened safety glass as standard, for added peace of mind in your home.

There are, however, many ways in which your glass choice can help make your home, not only a brighter place to live, but also safer, cleaner and more thermally regulated. The right glass choice could even save you money, by cutting down on household bills. So, whilst our standard offering is top spec, it’s always worth having a chat with us about the many modern glass types on the market. We’re always happy to talk you through the best options for your needs and showcase our specialist modern glasses.

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