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Dreaming of a Glazed Christmas?

Ahhhh, the festive season! Here we go again! It’s that fun time of year where the family comes together to eat, drink and be merry, exchanging gifts and playing games.

Well, that’s the plan anyway, until you suddenly find that your house is all of a sudden far too small. It’s going to be impossible to fit everyone into the space comfortably.

Perhaps, then, this year you should consider asking Santa for a modular orangery?

The benefits of glazed extensions are commonly only considered in relation to the summer time, but with the advent of modern glazing and framing techniques, there’s no real reason why. In fact, it’s during Christmas, and any other big occasion, that glazing really comes into its own. A modular orangery can offer a spacious, attractive and cosy home-hub for a family to come together over Christmas.

Imagine the scene; it’s dark outside, candle-light is flickering on blue-black windows and the children are in bed. You have a glass of fragrant mulled wine in your hand, your feet are up, the wood-burner is crackling and the house is all aglow. Behind you is the kitchen; open-plan, integrated, the heart of the home. Before you, perfectly framed by two long stretches of windows, sits your tree; surrounded by presents, lovingly decorated by the kids. The light bounces off your new glazed doors, making the world seem brighter.

You reminisce on a Christmas eve well done. The house was full, but there was space for everyone. As you prepared the meal, you’re still very much a part of things. The children are played happily together, as did the adults.

Christmas day will be a quieter affair with family only. You’ll spend the day together in your new glazed space, not fighting for space and tripping over each other, while you slave in the kitchen, locked away from the celebrations and increasingly losing your cool in the stuffy, ignored space.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? There’s still time to redraft that letter to Santa Claus! Learn more about our modular orangery offering here

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