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Extend Your Growing Season

 For many gardeners, the growing season begins in spring and by the end of August, it’s all over, bar the composting. For the canny gardener however, there’s so much more to be gained! Green thumbs need never resort to twiddling. If you start planning now, 2019 could be a bumper year for your garden.

So, we’re taking you through the many ways you can begin now, to extend your growing season!

How to Extend Your Growing Season

  1. Start with your soil – To prevent winter soil erosion, protect the earth with a thick layer of mulch. In spring time you will either need to dig it in or clear it off to expose the planting area to the sun. This will warm the earth more quickly and keep temperatures up. Covering cold spring soil with black plastic can also boost soil temperature by several degrees.
  2. Stick with your soil – As Bake Off lovers would agree, nothing does well with a soggy bottom. A surprising array of plants can survive a British winter. You just need to give them the right conditions. Good drainage is key. While cold alone isn’t really a killer, having permanently wet roots often is. So, add some grit to your soil and a check the Ph balance too.
  3. Protection – From fleecy coats to cold frames, there are a wide variety of products to help protect semi-tender plants in the winter months. A cold frame can be a fabulous asset for starting off early veg or flowering annuals. Young sweet peas are more than happy to overwinter in a cold frame for and make a nice early display.
  4. Greenhouse growing – A heated option can give you hot-house flowers, fruit and vegetables year round. An un-heated greenhouse can still offer plenty of protection for tender plants and they also make for a comfortable work space. Check out these hybrid greenhouses from Cultivar, for something seriously special.
  5. Wind cover – Wind can have a big impact on plants. If they are protected from wind they can focus all their energy on growing strong roots and new shoots. Rather than expending it on simple survival.
  6. Work to your microclimate – Select seeds and shrubs that will work in the conditions you have. Plant sequentially so that you always have something ready to harvest, even if it’s just a salad crop. Always have something in flower – winter honeysuckle, mahonia and wallflowers, spring crocuses and tulips; don’t just focus on summer colour.
  7. Plan ahead – If year-round gardening appeals start now! Use this winter to order yourself a greenhouse or make your cold frame. Buy your seeds, design your garden and plan your planting schedule. In gardening, time (and weather) is of the essence, so seize the day.

What next?

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