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A Little Christmas Sparkle

Christmas is a time for sharing, and now that it’s December we’re not afraid to say it! We want to see all of your homes lit up for the festive season this year. We’re most definitely dreaming of a chic Christmas at Viva HQ. We’ve even been promised a spot of snow this weekend.

We spent last week dressing up our reception area and decking the halls with festive sparkle. Those given the job tell us that unravelling the hundreds of fairy lights it took to get the place properly sparkling, put them off decorating their own homes this year! We can only hope the resolution doesn’t last as the effect is spectacular and if they weave the same magic at home, family and friends will be seriously impressed.

At Viva we want to see how you’ll light your homes this Christmas and New Year. After our extensive work at HQ this year, we thought we’d share a few tips and tricks.

  • You can never have enough sparkle. If you run out of places to hang your lights fill glass jars, wine bottles and vases with battery powered fairy lights. Throw in a few pine cones, like we did, and you’ve got yourself a cosy Christmas lamp.
  • Use your glazing. You can gain the same cosy effect from the glazing within the home. Deck the bi-fold doors with festive lights and relax as you enjoy the play of sparkle and shine across your doors and windows.
  • Stand the tree up tall and proud. Be sure to display it proudly for all to see. Your glazing can be used again here to great effect. By framing the tree in a window or door way, light will once again bounce back off windows or doors. What’s more, neighbours and friends can enjoy the site as they pass by.

So go on, really go for it this year. Light up your homes and let’s brighten the place up for Christmas!

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