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The Do Not’s of Buying Bi-folds

Last week we took you through our five top tips on what to do when buying bi-folds, but getting it wrong can be just as easily caused by doing something you shouldn’t do, as it can by neglecting to do the things you should, before taking the plunge with your new set of bi-folding doors.

With that in mind, this week we’ll be giving you the low down on everything you need to avoid doing, when considering the purchase of a sleek new set of bi-folding doors.

Here we go!

Don’t assume bi-folding doors are for you
Bi-folding doors are now one of the most popular domestic door systems on the market. They look fantastic, adding a contemporary feel to any home, and can create the much coveted indoor/outdoor atmosphere many crave. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll meet your needs or work for your property – check out some other articles on this page to discover why this could be, and rest assured there are plenty more modern glass door types on the market for you to choose from, if this turns out to be the case.

Don’t go for the first product you find
Unless it happens to be a Viva product, of course! Seriously though, if you don’t do your research it will come back to haunt you further down the line. By checking out the different offerings available, you’ll get a better understanding of the product itself, and can avoid falling for the exaggerations or artistic embellishment of sales people with a big chunk of commission in their sights.

Don’t fall for a one size fits all model
Some things work wonderfully for a one size fits all world – but the same is not true for bi-folding doors. There are certain things you need to take into account when ordering yours, and these details will differ depending on your home, the available space and your personal preferences. Be sure to use a manufacturer who can accommodate your individual dimensions and specifications for a door set that will meld with the rest of your property seamlessly.

Don’t do a David Dickinson
We all love a bargain hunt, but when it comes to bi-folding doors a cheap set could set you back far more than you ever expected due to maintenance and upkeep. More importantly though, a high quality set of bi-folding doors, with the price tag to match, could add value to your property whereas cheap bargain bi-folds are far more likely to lower the value of your home.

Don’t get too stressed out
Home improvements often result in stress, but try not to let things get to you too much and instead, enjoy the adventure of finding your new door set. Some companies will take on all of the work for you, once you’ve specified your design, and at Viva we can do just that, sending out our wonderful installations team to finish up for you hassle free. Whats more, we’re more than happy to answer questions along the way and provide all the information you’ll need to keep calm and buy some bi-folds!

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