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Orangeries Through The Ages

Orangeries are now a modern staple in our homes. They make a brilliant way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to extending your property. The truly great thing about modern orangeries, is their hybrid form. Composed by bringing together both the traditional brick extension and fully glazed conservatory rooms.

Orangeries, thought, have been around  for far longer than their popularity on the domestic market might suggest. Modern orangeries make a beautiful addition to any home. By sympathetically merging with period or listed buildings or providing open plan home hubs for contemporary abodes.

Original Vs Modern

The original orangeries, on the other hand, did exactly what it said on the tin. They were first built to house the exotic fruits of the rich and wealthy way back in the 15th century. The rarity of citrus fruit in the UK made ownership of an orangery something worth boasting about. Visiting guests were sure to be left in no doubt that the orangery’s owners were truly of the upper crust.

Today, it’s relatively easy to kit yourself out with an orangery extension. Although we’re more likely to flood our homes with natural light and extra space than growing oranges. You can still be satisfied in the knowledge that family, friends and neighbours will be suitably impressed though, with Viva’s stunning range of components!

We love the modern orangery! But there is something beautiful in the nostalgia of the older, grander, less practical orangeries that dot our isle. Whilst a modern modular orangery from Viva offers clean, bold lines with interesting angles and a truly minimalist design style, older orangeries go in for a far more frilly affair. This is obviously a symptom of the times, when wealth and excess were easy to read in the architecture of the day. This is one of the reasons why it’s so interesting to visit these heritage sites and decode the designs for yourself.

The Modular Orangery

In this way, the modern orangery also reflects it’s owners. This is even truer if you chose to commission a modular structure from us here at Viva. This way, you get the ultimate control over your design, with us just supplying the skylight/s, window/s and door/s. In the modern world simplicity, peace and quality time are prized, just as the exotic orangeries of the 15th century were.

Perhaps, then, it’s fitting that these structures continue to house the most treasured parts of our lives. Be that family, comfort and a room of ones own or an excess of citrus fruit to one-up your mates with.

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