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Reach for the Skylights!

Skylights – also known as rooflights – are a great way of allowing light into a property. Skylights provide the most cost effective method of introducing daylight and life into the dullest of rooms. What’s more, they’re virtually maintenance free.

sky light

Built using high-tech glazing and strong aluminium. All viva skylights are self-supporting and are unrivalled for style, strength and durability. Shining bright in any home.

Skylights can seriously brighten up interiors! Allowing natural air and light to flood in during warm months and light to enter during colder months. Thanks to the high rated thermal efficiency of our products, you’ll also retain heat.

Viva uses superior double glazing technology for all its rooflights.  Achieving – and beating – the current regulations, and providing exceptional thermal efficiency ratings (U-values).

We thermally break all of our aluminium frames using a polyamide strip, to achieve similar results. This strip isolates the internal aluminium extrusion, from the external extrusion. In doing so, it restricts heat from escaping out via your rooflights.

Additionally, you can control the ventilation within your skylight either manually or electrically. This lets you cater for differences in inside temperature and outside weather; letting in a light summer breeze and keeping out a cold winter frost.

Our rooflights ensure that the environment remains at an optimum level in homes once they are installed, as a result of these high energy efficiency standards. Skylights also perfectly complement bi-folding doors, which work well together to provide homes with increased light.

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