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Sliding vs Bi-folding Doors: What’s Your Style?

Choosing which door set is the right system for you can be a difficult decision – although it’s easy to go with the majority vote and head straight for the bi-folding door section of our site, it’s not always the right way to go. Instead, it’s worth considering how you plan to use your doors, how much space you have on offer to accommodate them, and what design best suits your host property.

To help narrow things down, we’ve put together a little quiz. All you need to do is answer a few quick questions about your home and lifestyle, and we’ll direct you to the right door set for you!

How much external space is on offer?
a. Plenty – our garden is huge.
b. Some – we have a modest sized garden.
c. Very little – more yard than garden.

How much internal space in available?
a. Plenty – our internal rooms are rather large.
b. Some – our internal rooms are of average size.
c. Very little – internally our rooms are pretty cosy.

What sort of property type is closest to your home?
a. Modern new build.
b. Listed or located within a conservation area.
c. Victorian or Georgian terrace.

How often do you get to use your garden?
a. We spend any moment we can grab out there.
b. Sporadically, as and when the weather allows.
c. Rarely, we prefer to admire the views.

What is your main reason for installing a new door set?
a. We want to bring the outdoors in.
b. We’d like to introduce more natural light.
c. We need a new entrance/exit from home to garden.

Now, to tot up your answers and find out whether or not you and your home are best suited to a snazzy new set of sliding doors or the trend setting bi-folds!

If you were in the ‘a’, then your best bet is a folding sliding set of bi-folding doors, which can be used to merge home and garden by opening up entire apertures in your chosen room/s – measure your space and scroll up to get your online quotation today!

Those who chose mostly ‘b’ could probably get away with either style, but it’s always worth having a chat with our design experts to ensure that you get the perfect set of doors for your needs, request a call back above to get in touch!

If you got mainly ‘c’ then it’s a snazzy set of sliding doors for you, giving you the best of both worlds and really making the most of your view of nature beyond the glass – without the needs for tons of room when opening and closing. Measure up today and get your online quotation above!