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U-Values Explained

A U-Value is a measurement of thermal efficiency. It is calculated by measuring the rate at which heat is transferred through 1 square metre of glass. The lower the U-Value the lower the heat loss through the window. In order to comply with current building regulations residential doors need to have a U-Values 1.8 or lower. Viva offers Low-e glazing as standard which has a U-Value of 1.1. However this can be improved upon should you require with even higher performing triple glazing.

Triple Glazing

Super Insulated for a Greener Living

The clue is in the name, an extra layer of glass makes for two argon filled cavities, giving further improved thermal efficiency for the modern home with a U-Value of 0.9 watts per m2.

Solar Control

Reduce heat, retain light for a comfortable living space
For rooms that are exposed to long hours of direct sunlight consider solar control glazing. Solar control glass can be neutral in colour and offers solar protection by 3 means:

  • it reduces a proportion (35%) of the transmission of solar energy
  • it reflects a proportion (39%) of solar energy
  • it absorbs a proportion (26%) of solar energy

Compare this to ordinary glass which has a solar energy transmission of 84%, reflectance of 8% and 8% absorption and you can get a better understanding of the impact. Importantly the transmission of visible light is still very high at 70% as compared to normal glass that has 90%.

Tinted Glass

Balance natural light
Another means of reducing the heat and light in the room is to opt for tinted glass. We offer grey, bronze or green tinted glass (blue is also available although this does not offer the same reflective qualities). Tinted glass will reduce light transmission from around 90% (normal glass transmission) to 65% and solar energy from 84% to 57%.

Integral Blinds

Instant control at the pull of a cord

In most circumstances it is possible for the glazing in our bi-folding doors to accept integral blinds. This neat solution sandwiches a traditional venetian blind between the internal and external panes of a double glazed unit. Blinds can be raised or lowered as you see fit with the option of tilting the blind leaves to suit your desired light levels. The blinds are hermetically sealed into the glazing so the unit remains thermally efficient and the blind remains dirt and dust free.

  • Offered in three popular colours – white, silver and light grey
  • Manual operated for with a neat and continuous cord loop.
  • Motorised and remote control is available if preferred.

Here’s some more examples of blinds for use with bi-folding doors.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Cleaner Living
Keep your window cleaning to the bare minimum with self cleaning glass. This glass has a special outer coating of Titanium Oxide which helps break down dirt and grime with a little help from sunlight and rain. Self cleaning glass is often used in roof applications – for example on our range of skylights. Pilkington who were the first to introduce self cleaning glass in 2001 are our go to supplier.

Leaded Glass

Viva offer a range of traditional leaded glass styles for use in the bi-folding doors and sliding door range as well as windows. Popular styles, as illustrated, include : Rectangular, Diamond, Stuart, Jacobean, Hanover, Queen Anne or Tudor. There are also a range of border styles as well as arch and arcade arches.

Laminated Glass

Secure and safe

For extra security consider laminated glass. This glass has an additional layer which not only makes it harder to break but also serves to keep the glass bonded together when broken. This makes laminated glass better suited for use in swimming pool enclosures or areas where glass shards are better avoided.

Once your order is confirmed delivery can be in as little as 15 working days although at busy times of year this can extend a little. We do not use haulage companies, choosing only to use our own vehicles, so you can rest assured that your new doors will arrive on site in the same pristine condition that they leave our workshop. If you have any concerns about access or questions relating to delivery please do not hesitate to call us on 0161 342 8298.

Once your order is confirmed the installation will follow in as little as 15 working days although at busy times of year this may extend a little. By making up the doors and framework in our workshop prior to installation we can ensure the doors are operating smoothly. Careful transportation on our own vehicles will ensure your doors arrive on site in the same pristine condition that they leave the workshop. With years of experience our installation teams will take great care in installing your new doors and providing the site is properly prepared a typical set of doors would be installed in one day. If you have any concerns about access or questions relating to delivery please do not hesitate to call us on 0161 342 8298.

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