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French Doors

Developed in France during the 17th Century, the French Door, also known as french windows, are defined as generally being a pair of doors with glass panes extending over their length.

It is a simple concept, they generally open outwards , but may open inwards on a Juliet Balcony for instance, the symmetry, proportion and regularity of Renaissance architecture is still available today should your home suit a pair French Doors. They will also bring light and fresh air into your home. Today with modern materials and technology you can benefit from the elegant look, now made in strong beautiful long lasting aluminium they have the advantage of being well insulated with double glazing to keep out the winter chill. We manufacture not only French Doors but also bi-folding doors here in Cheshire to bring an elegant look to the exterior of your home.

In this example you can see how the contemporary modern slim line frames of the french doors work well in an established period home. These are powder coated in our popular grey (RAL7039) although we can generally powder coat to any colour from the RAL chart. The example below shows a lighter shade of grey. Compare this to a recently fitted two door set of bi-folding doors in black.

The maximum width of each door is approximately one metre so providing your aperture is less than 2100mm (which includes the door framework) then French Doors will be a viable option. If the aperture exceeds 2100mm then you might consider bi-folding doors which can go to widths in excess of six metres and will consist of several doors hinging off one another. Here’s an example of a three door set of folding sliding doors in a modern barn conversion. Heights of up to 2700mm can be accommodated with ease allowing plenty of light to flood into the room. Trickle ventilation is included as standard and as you might expect is located at the top of the door framework. The door frame at the bottom has a height of approximately 50mm and where possible it is worth trying to achieve a flush floor finish with the top of this. Here’s a drawing showing the ideal relationship between the door frame and floor in order that you can see how this can be achieved.

In the example to the right you can see a set of french doors which open out into a conservatory. Since these doors are both double glazed and thermally broken they offer superb insulation between rooms which can prove a worthwhile investment not only in the winter when the conservatory is cold but also during the odd sunny summer day when it’s too hot. In the instance that the doors are going between rooms we can offer a low threshold of just 15mm and trickle ventilation might not be necessary. Here’s another example of doors between a conservatory and living area but this time they are bi-folding.

You can configure French Doors to suit your aperture dimensions directly using our configurator here, having entered your size in millimetres simply choose whether you want them to open in or out, choose the hinged option and finally select one of our popular colours – black, white or grey. Optionally give us a call and we can talk things through and of course we’ll be happy to send you a quote.

Configure your French Doors

Take a look at the below before and after shots for a set of replacement french doors. In this instance to maximise the clean look of the narrow sight lines and to improve security the customer opted not to have a handle on the exterior face. Powder coated in grey RAL7015 these doors are over 2500mm in height so light can flood into the room without interruption from the excess framework associated with borrowed lights, perfect for a reading room or library.

In the instance that aperture is very tall and narrow it is of course possible to specify a fanlight as you can see in the example below. The doors are powder coated in a special RAL colour to the clients specification, again something we can accommodate – just ask. The position of the master door can be specified at point of order. There’s no rules here just let us know which door you expect to gravitate toward first and we can make sure this is the one that will open first. On the below example the master door is on the right, you can tell this by the position of the door handle.

And the below example shows the door set with the master door open.

On a warm day both doors can be thrown open (not literally) to allow in the fresh air and birdsong as well as the light.

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