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Our 10 year guarantee

At Viva, we don’t just sell doors, windows and skylights that look nice. We want our customers to enjoy them for many years to come. We use the latest engineering and technical know-how to design and build our products. We are proud of the products we manufacture and supply and to re-assure you, our customer we back this up with comprehensive 10 year guarantee. This document explains the terms and exclusions of our guarantee.

What’s covered

Our products are designed for continuous use over many years. We guarantee our products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. There are two ways we supply our products either supply only or installed and the guarantee has slight differences depending on the option you have chosen. We can only guarantee the installation if our own fitters have undertaken the work.

There is no small print but any fault or damage caused by an improper self installation or lack of care (such as broken glass) would nullify our obligations. We will however continue to offer a repair or replacement service at cost should any accidents occur.

The warranty period

This begins from the date of the delivery/installation.

What’s not covered

Damage due to factors beyond our (the manufacturers) control

  • Misuse of the products, not following the correct operating procedure for your products.
  • Damage caused to the doors once fitted.
  • Alteration, modification and tampering.
  • Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as acid rain, airborne fallout (chemicals, bird lime, tree sap, etc), storm, lightning, floods and acts of God

Damage due to lack of maintenance

  • Lack of proper maintenance as described in your care documentation.
  • Improper maintenance or use of oil or lubricants other than those we recommend.

Normal Deterioration

  • Normal wear, tear or deterioration such as discolouration or fading.
  • Gradual wearing of mechanical components in proportion to use.

Customer responsibilities

Customers should operate the products with care as described in the Operation guides supplied.

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