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SEND US YOUR DRAWINGS Let light into your life by adding Viva windows, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or roof-lights to your home. Transform your dark and dull spaces with a custom-built roof light or show stopping atrium or let the outside in by opening up whole areas of your home with folding sliding doors or sliding doors. The only limit to what Viva can do with glass and aluminium is your imagination, allowing us to create a range of truly unique conservatories, orangeries and glazed extensions. We design, manufacture and build all of our architecture in glass entirely around you and your property’s needs; bringing you the space you’ve always longed for. Custom aluminium extrusions with thermal break technology, a limitless choice of colours and large expanses of specialist glazing allows natural light to flood your new space, and the rest of your home, bringing with it many benefits.
Kitchen & Dining

Glass and Aluminium KITCHEN EXTENSIONS are a popular way to CREATE ADDITIONAL SPACE in the heart of YOUR HOME.

A Viva kitchen extension allows light to penetrate your home; whilst providing extra space to house a dining area, install additional work surfaces or introduce a cosy home hub for the whole family to enjoy, into the most important part of your property.


Bespoke design capabilities.
Let there be light! Our products including roof lanterns and skylights, windows, folding and sliding doors will create a bright open space.
Over 10 years of creating stunning Kitchen Extensions.
The latest modern innovations in glazing; such as self cleaning glass and solar control technology, along with our own thermally broken aluminium system means that a glazed extension could actually be more efficient than any other type.
Expertise and guidance throughout the project.

Kitchen with FORM & FUNCTION

A modern kitchen extension from Viva is the perfect combination of form and function; offering endless design possibilities and a myriad of ways to use your new space. Designed to accommodate your tastes and requirements, a bespoke glass structure from Viva is an innovative and modern choice for extending your kitchen and living areas; the finished space will look impressive, add practical space to your home and no doubt become the back drop for future family get togethers, drinks with friends and Friday night dinners.

Whats more, a high quality, stylish and practical kitchen extension will add value to your home, as well as changing the way you use the space within it.

Our kitchen dining extensions GALLERY

Slide A MODERN LIVING SPACE THE RESULTS: An award winning project which the client can live and entertain in. The contemporary brick design combined with the glass and aluminium doors, windows and roofing provide a stunning property which is inkeeping with its natural surroundings. THE BRIEF: One of our commercial designers was approached by an architect to help them to bring glazed aspects into the property which would enhance the light and be inkeeping with the design. The shape and style of the house is based on traditional building designs bringing in modern elements such as glazed roofing.

THE PROCESS: The use of folding sliding doors to the rear of the property allows the client to open their living space into the garden. The glazed roof inserts allow the natural light to enter an otherwise dark room. The aluminium windows allow for continuity throughout the whole project.


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