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SEND US YOUR DRAWINGS Let light into your life by adding Viva windows, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or roof-lights to your home. Transform your dark and dull spaces with a custom-built roof light or show stopping atrium or let the outside in by opening up whole areas of your home with folding sliding doors or sliding doors. The only limit to what Viva can do with glass and aluminium is your imagination, allowing us to create a range of truly unique conservatories, orangeries and glazed extensions. We design, manufacture and build all of our architecture in glass entirely around you and your property’s needs; bringing you the space you’ve always longed for. Custom aluminium extrusions with thermal break technology, a limitless choice of colours and large expanses of specialist glazing allows natural light to flood your new space, and the rest of your home, bringing with it many benefits.
Link Extensions


Glazed Link Extensions are an innovative way to marry together disparate parts of your property. Making a striking alternative to gloomy brick corridors, a modern link extension adds style and improved functionality to your home. From contemporary orangeries to link extensions, dining areas, home hubs, porches and atria – the glass extension is both versatile and beautiful – perfectly aligning form with function.


Made in the UK.
Add value to your home.
Increase the size of your home with a space that can be enjoyed all year round.
The latest modern innovations in glazing; such as self cleaning glass and solar control technology, along with our own thermally broken aluminium system means that a glazed extension could actually be more efficient than any other type.

Designed FOR YOU

Glazed Link extensions can bring much needed synergy to a property. Improving functionality, by linking independent buildings, with a link extension from Viva will change the way you use your home. A cutting edge and innovative choice glazed extensions bring all the benefits of a traditional brick addition; extra space, high thermal efficiency and increased property values as well as introducing more natural light to flood your home. Not only that, with a glazed link, you can get better use of a sprawling property, avoid crossing courtyards in unsuitable weather and add a striking modern feature to your property.


All of the architecture in glass Viva designs, manufactures and installs is entirely bespoke, but you can browse our gallery to get a better idea of which structure will work for you, your home and your lifestyle.




Our clients wanted to improve the aesthetics of their period style home by the removal and replacement of their old, worn out, uPVC conservatory. The design was dated and the materials had become scruffy therefore they wanted to modernise with a contemporary glass and aluminium structure from Viva which would not only improve the look of their property but also increase light into their gloomy kitchen.


Viva’s design team knew that the period style of the host building would look great in contrast with our contemporary structures, however, it was decided, that to bring out the best of both old and new, a modern orangery structure would replace the dated uPVC conservatory. The addition, therefore, of folding sliding doors created the much sought after light; improving the living quality of the Hughes’ kitchen, and married the structure with their large garden seamlessly.


The result is a contemporary Viva orangery which allows light to flood the clients home and creates a stunning visual through the pairing off period design and the new Viva structure.


Our team are here to help you every step of the way. If you are looking for help with the design element or you have drawings already simply fill in the form below and we will arrange a design consultation that suits your needs.

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