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To ensure your satisfaction with your Viva Doors your prepared opening should be carefully measured, symmetrical and square. The other important feature is to make sure it is structurally sound, your builder or a structural engineer can advise on this.

To order however you will not need to be quite as precise. We will send you a guide and confirmation that will make sure, once you have ordered, that your ordering details were correct. Only following that will we commence manufacture. Here are some drawings that may help you to measure up :


Ideally your opening should have a flat level base, vertical sides and a structurally sound head, small variations can be accommodated.





If the base and head are quite level and the sides perpendicular then the opening will be square, you can check this however by measuring diagonally from corner to corner, our drawings shows that if A and B are the same then the opening is square.





diagram to help check door apertureTake measurements of the width, perhaps three at different levels of the opening and select the narrowest, then complete the width box in the configurator in millimetres. The height is measured from the level on which the baserail of the frame will sit up to the underside of the head. Take a selection (shall we say three) of height measurements choosing the lowest then complete the ‘height’ box in the configurator in millimetres.



The aperture dimensions are taken from the exterior face of the building where the door frame is usually located. Measurements are taken from the surrounding brickwork or blockwork not from any interior plaster face.

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viva bifolding door threshold tracksThe height is taken from the wall, foundation or slab on which the track will sit. Ideally use solid bricks for the threshold or in the instance that these are not available any holes or frogs must be filled with concrete. There is a choice of how to treat the external ground level that will be covered in our order acknowledgment.

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