We’ve teamed up with Italian designers Pratic to bring you this breathtaking range of precision designed pergolas. Like all of our products, they’re extremely popular in Europe and the UK alike. Offering an alternative to the glazed veranda, our sleek range of pergolas create a sheltered area for you to enjoy using a sturdy aluminium framework. To this is added either fabric or aluminium slats which can be opened or closed depending on your desires. Again, our range of pitched or flat roofed pergolas can be extended through the use of side walls and various combinations. We can create a pergola which is perfectly suited to you and your style.


No more boundaries between inside and outside, but rather an uninterrupted connection that links two worlds to live freely in private housing and contract spaces. The genesis of Pratic pergolas stems from this assumption and continues with an unmistakable design, completed by the ability to create a simple Made in Italy product.

Inspired by the most ancient sheltering structures of the Mediterranean world, today, pergolas create new spaces enjoyable all year round, creating new volumes, valuable brightness and incomparable comfort.


Aluminium Pergolas

Eleven structures that integrate into any architectural environment of both private homes and typical contract spaces. Functionality, comfort, beauty and resistance: the essential design and broad range of pergolas with PVC canvas are able to solve every designing need. Customisation is made simple by modularity, side canvases and by perimetral closures, for easy use even when the weather isn’t optimal.

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