Project Description

The Brief

To work alongside Architect; Owen Lloyd, and Structural Engineer; Andrew Thomas, on the construction of a new build home for our mutual client. Viva were commissioned to design a structure which would both compliment the intended building style of the house and create a visually stunning focal point whilst also acting as a connecting structure between the two main areas of the house.

The Process

As the host building in question was yet to be built when the Viva’s design team were first introduced to the project they were given a lot of artistic license and limitations were scarce. The couple wanted their finished structure to act as the main architectural feature and so their designers suggested an atrium would be the best way to make such a bold statement. The atrium was planned in alignment with the pitch of the two supporting buildings which would sit either side and all three parts of the house would be equal in height; thanks to the double storey aspect atria offer, allowing the natural light to flow throughout the whole building.

The Result

The result is a vast and spacious structure which acts as a connecting room between the two main wings of the house. The atrium is light and airy creating the feel of relaxing summer days all year round and allowing access to the client’s now large landscaped garden come rain or shine. The clients use their atrium as both an entrance hall for their home and a place to escape from the other busy areas of the house. The finished structure is breath taking and the unique properties of this project showcase Viva’s bespoke nature and ability to marry modern architecture and technology with more traditional building styles.