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SEND US YOUR DRAWINGS Let light into your life by adding Viva windows, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or roof-lights to your home. Transform your dark and dull spaces with a custom-built roof light or show stopping atrium or let the outside in by opening up whole areas of your home with folding sliding doors or sliding doors. The only limit to what Viva can do with glass and aluminium is your imagination, allowing us to create a range of truly unique conservatories, orangeries and glazed extensions. We design, manufacture and build all of our architecture in glass entirely around you and your property’s needs; bringing you the space you’ve always longed for. Custom aluminium extrusions with thermal break technology, a limitless choice of colours and large expanses of specialist glazing allows natural light to flood your new space, and the rest of your home, bringing with it many benefits.
Rooflights & Skylights

ROOF LIGHTS, also known as SKYLIGHTS and LANTERNS, offer a simple solution for transforming an otherwise gloomy space into a light, airy and attractive part of YOUR HOME.

The addition of a new roof light will also bring with it many unexpected benefits; brightening up your home, lowering the costs incurred by relying solely upon artificial lighting and improving your wellbeing – all thanks to the flood of natural light your new aluminium roof light will unleash.


Made in the UK
Let there be light – Adds much needed natural light into any space.
The latest modern innovations in glazing; such as self cleaning glass and solar control technology, along with our own thermally broken aluminium system means that a glazed extension could actually be more efficient than any other type.
Expertise and guidance throughout the project.


Like everything Viva designs, manufactures and installs, our roof lights are produced to your exact specifications; there are no standard products within our range of glass and aluminium home improvements, and we can make a roof light to fit any size and shape of roof. Our modern aluminium roof lights can even be supplied with automated vent actuation, which allows you to cater for differences in inside temperature and outside weather, letting in a light summer breeze and keeping out the cold winter frosts. Add in self cleaning glass, and your roof light will pretty much look after itself; apropos offer only the best in technology and service in everything we do.


A bespoke Viva roof light is far from just a functional necessity. Our aluminium roof lights are an elegant addition to your home and come in a variety of styles. Our experts will be happy to discuss which of these best suit your needs before designing a bespoke roof light which matches your requirements perfectly.

Roof lights really do transform a room. From dark and gloomy to light and airy, the addition of an aluminium roof light is all that is needed to bring a new lease of life to living and working space. You’ll be delighted in how much more space you can uncover in your home through such a simple home addition.

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Slide A MODERN LIVING SPACE THE RESULTS: The client now has a contemporary glazed kitchen extension which enables them to entertain guests and bring the inside out. THE BRIEF: This client wanted to create and open plan kitchen diner which provided plenty of light and incorporated the garden into their house. They wanted to achieve this without losing their outside decking area which they frequently use to entertain guests. The client also wanted to keep the rustic feel of the outside of the property at the same time as giving it a contemporary renovation.

THE PROCESS: Including folding sliding doors in the design has allowed the client to open out the kitchen into the garden and still retain the decking area. The use of a partially glazed lean to allowed light to enter the room and give the property a contemporary feel. The glazing was continued along the back of the house to fit in with the rest of the renovation project.


Our team are here to help you every step of the way. If you are looking for help with the design element or you have drawings already simply fill in the form below and we will arrange a design consultation that suits your needs.

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