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Sliding Doors Features & Highlights

Sliding Doors from Viva

Sliding Door Features

Light and smoothly sliding doors with the advantage of large glass panes. Made to measure doors of the most technically advanced materials and mechanisms, guaranteed for 10 years. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive service, extensive product knowledge, clear competitive and fully inclusive pricing and a quality product.

A nationwide service yet available to you in your home via your computer or mobile device but also we are delighted to discuss your doubts or needs so do call us on 0161 342 8298, we are here to help.

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Double glazing

The glazing to be supplied will in the majority if cases be a 24mm toughened low-e (to british standards specification) which is argon filled and has a warm edge spacer to further improve insulation. However the very largest panes over 2 metres in width will require special consideration (and higher prices) we can however quote you on any large size or specialist glazing plus the installation requirements made necessary by the handling difficulties.

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Fresh Air Ventilation

Fully adjustable trickle vents to provide ventilation to modern air tight homes or just shut them down in inclement weather, the choice is yours.

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Slim Line frames

In most instances when the doors are closed the frames stack behind each other so the sight line is only 83mm. If you opt for a configuration where two doors meet in the middle the sightline can be 158mm. With landscape doors and such slim sections your view is wide open.

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Safe and Secure

The runners and track are designed to prevent the removal of panels from the outside. The glazing is beaded from the inside so rest assured that even the most enthusiastic intruder will not find it easy to break into your home. The locks are a high quality eurolock which if forced or even snapped will be impossible to open whilst the 5 point locks from the lead door that lock into the frame are not only a hook ,mortice catch but also mushroom head mortices, desperation to get in would not prove effective.

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The master door will have a tall slim handle complete with eurolock access, this is locked when vertical and will enble easy sliding when in the horizontal. These are in black as standard but are available in chrome or white upon request.

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Double and triple tracks

Choose from double or triple tracks dependent upon your opening size, the number of doors and the opening configuration. You have the chance on our ‘sliding door design’ page to see all the possible formats and make a decision showing the price. This has to be the easiest decision making tool available with service, competitive pricing and a top quality fitting service to match.

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