Our glass and aluminium sliding doors can be included in any bespoke Viva extension, conservatory orangery or structure, incorporated into the design for your new-build property or used to maximise space in your existing home.

 Whatever the weather, sliding doors and bifolding doors allow you to enjoy your garden and bring the outdoors in. Large glazed panels admit light and keep out the harsher elements, merging home and garden and allowing for a space which can be effortlessly adapted to any season.


  • Made in the UK
  • Let there be light – Adds much needed natural light into any space.
  • The latest modern innovations in glazing; such as self cleaning glass and solar control technology, along with our own thermally broken aluminium system means that a glazed extension could actually be more efficient than any other type.
  • Expertise and guidance throughout the project


 The concept of merging the outdoors and the indoors runs through the heart of all Viva’s architecture in glass and sliding doors are a simple, yet effective, way to achieve this goal. The addition of glass doors to any building instantly creates a lighter and more airy space, and totally transforms both a room’s function and its form.

Sliding or Bifolding Doors?

All Viva sliding and bifolding doors are custom made to order at our facility just outside of Manchester. So, whichever style you choose we can design and manufacture a set of doors to fit whichever area of the home you have in mind.

The only thing left to do is choose your side; bifolding doors or sliding doors? Generally, sliding doors are easier to operate (although it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work the bifolds either) and will require no space on either side of the threshold; making them the perfect choice where space or access is an issue. Wider panes of glass can be utilized and thus larger expanses displayed.

Folding sliding doors however, allow for the opening up of the entire side of your home or property and create a completely open thoroughfare between home and garden. Folding sliding doors can be folded and stacked to left or right and to the inside or outside of the threshold, depending on your preference, but do need the right amount of space to do so.

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CASE STUDY: Sliding Doors

The Brief: One of our commercial designers was approached by an architect to help them to bring glazed aspects into the property which would enhance the light and be inkeeping with the design. The shape and style of the house is based on traditional building designs bringing in modern elements such as glazed roofing.

The Process: The use of folding sliding doors to the rear of the property allows the client to open their living space into the garden. The glazed roof inserts allow the natural light to enter an otherwise dark room. The aluminium windows allow for continuity throughout the whole project.

The Result: An award winning project which the client can live and entertain in. The contemporary brick design combined with the glass and aluminium doors, windows and roofing provide a stunning property which is inkeeping with its natural surroundings.


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