Our new super slim line sliding doors offer you all the freedom of our bespoke sliding doors, with the addition of slimmer sightlines than anything that came before. Large glazed panels admit light and keep out the harsher elements, merging home and garden and allowing for a space which can be effortlessly adapted to any season.


  • Made in the UK
  • Let there be light – Adds much needed natural light into any space.
  • The latest modern innovations in glazing; such as self cleaning glass and solar control technology, along with our own thermally broken aluminium system means that a glazed extension could actually be more efficient than any other type.
  • Expertise and guidance throughout the project- we’ll attend site after survey and prior to installation to ensure all goes to plan
  • Free Design consultation


Looking to maximise views whilst minimising the intrusion of bulky frames?
Then look no further. Our new range of super slim line doors offers you just that. With interlockers as slim as 21mm, your view will never be marred by intrusive extrusions. What framework you do see, will be stylish and sleek – made entirely of thermally broken aluminium for a modern, durable finish. At apropos, we use only the highest quality aluminium in all our work and pride ourselves on its endlessly recyclable qualities.

Make an entrance…

As with all our products, choose from a range of low maintenance powder coating colours. Specify the size and scope of your super slim sliding doors and create your ideal entry way. Upgrade your outdated doors and stay ahead of the trend. Our super slim line doors offer:

  • Slim sightlines with interlockers from 21mm
  • Sash heights to 5,850mm
  • Sash widths to 5,850mm
  • 2, 3, 4 and 6 pane options
  • Corner less 90 degree returns
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CASE STUDY: Super Slimline Doors

Our completely bespoke conservatory design service allows limitless possibilities for the addition of an extra room to your property. Gone are the days of searching out a standard design to fit your non-standard spaces, instead an Viva bespoke conservatory or extension will give you the freedom to use your imagination – to picture the ideal living space and make it a reality.

Each bespoke conservatory is individually designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. That means there are no restrictions on what we can build for you in glass and aluminium – if the laws of physics allow it, we’ll design, manufacture and build it.

So whether you’re after a new light flooded dining area, a more traditional conservatory for growing plants or an entire open plan restructure of your property, get in touch with Viva to make sure your design is in the hands of the experts.


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From kitchen extensions to link conservatories, dining areas, home hubs, porches and utility rooms