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SEND US YOUR DRAWINGS Let light into your life by adding Viva windows, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or roof-lights to your home. Transform your dark and dull spaces with a custom-built roof light or show stopping atrium or let the outside in by opening up whole areas of your home with folding sliding doors or sliding doors. The only limit to what Viva can do with glass and aluminium is your imagination, allowing us to create a range of truly unique conservatories, orangeries and glazed extensions. We design, manufacture and build all of our architecture in glass entirely around you and your property’s needs; bringing you the space you’ve always longed for. Custom aluminium extrusions with thermal break technology, a limitless choice of colours and large expanses of specialist glazing allows natural light to flood your new space, and the rest of your home, bringing with it many benefits.

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All Viva products are bespoke – we manufacture products to suit your requirements. Our modern glass solutions offer you the chance to create a new space in your home which is truly your own. When we say bespoke, we mean it with your needs and desires taken into account at every stage, before our expert engineers custom manufacture your chosen design.

Quality as

We use only the highest quality materials when manufacturing all of our glass and aluminium structures and take pride in the time-honoured engineering skills we still insist upon today. You can see us putting these into action with a trip to our factory – we’re always happy to welcome visitors.


An award winning project which the client can live and entertain in. The contemporary brick design combined with the glass and aluminium doors, windows and roofing provide a stunning property which is inkeeping with its natural surroundings.


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